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SmartLock is an Advanced Technology For Software Piracy Protection

The figures are staggering ... a study conducted by information-technology research firm IDC, found that roughly one out of every three copies of personal computing software installed and used on PCs is pirated. While this rate of piracy fluctuates from country to country, globally it has remained steady for many years. 
If you are a software producer and you want to survive in the very competitive software market, the last thing you can afford is to lose two-thirds of your revenue to software piracy. So what you must do is ensure that your software product is well protected from piracy. You need a solid piracy protection solution, at low cost, that is quick and easy to implement. SmartLock is the answer!
SmartLock is a USB hardware lock commonly known as a dongle. The dongle is the most secure solution to piracy prevention. The mechanism involves a hardware key (or lock) that plugs into a USB port on a computer. The protected software application accesses this key for verification before continuing to run; special registration numbers are loaded into the dongle by the software publisher before shipment. 
Can dongles be hacked? Well, because dongles are external hardware devices, they are not susceptible to the same level of hacking as common software protection solutions. For this reason this technology is more secure than software key options. In addition, dongles offer a higher level flexibility over other forms of copy protection because they are not limited to a single PC. Similarly, dongles are more conducive to recovery after a system crash, or PC replacement or upgrade. 
The SmartLock USB software protection lock provides enhanced security and at the same time offers real-easy integration in your applications. Enhance your software revenues today - use SmartLock to protect that huge percentage of your software licenses that would otherwise be pirated!

Unique CPU Smart Circuit


Strictly conforming to NIST standards, SmartLock is built on a unique CPU smart circuit design consisting of an 8-bit CPU coupled with an 1024-byte EEPROM. This makes SmartLock more secure than other simple ASIC and simple EEPROM dongle technologies.

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